Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 7 continued on the trails

Still good from the buzz of finding some trails (albeit quite dangerous) I made way to the Jardin de la Palmeries. After a short execution back on the roads, I turned off and greeted instantly by the mass of palms covering the horizon. Entering the beautiful and relaxing jardin, I began contemplating the ride that being provided by the Mojo HD.

The HD is really proving itself to me as a dynamic steed because during the trip so far it has covered:-

  • Biblical climbs.
  • The most technical descents I’ve ever ridden.
  • Fast, swooping trails.
  • Dirt style trails.
  • Street riding.
  • Lengthy commutes to locations in Marrakech.

Good boy.

Now this may just seem like a list of attributes to you guys, and it is, but when it comes down to it. The HD is very competent at all of them without the need change anything, simple adjustment of parts onboard and bosh, job done J remarkable.

Anyway, back to the riding I hear you say.

Perfect road surfaces weave around area between the hotel sites, which a little bit of fun with the drainage ditched along their flanks, but this is the kind of stuff you can ride anywhere in the world. So I headed further in until I caught view of some camels that were ferrying punters around designated routes, well trodden….?

Site arrival.

Ready to go.

Bingo! All around the same area is the tracks used by quad bikes, time to get jiggy again. Pulled up beneath the shade of a tree (36deg) and applied some sunblock. These trail were quite similar to the earlierone apart from not having gaping holes on them, making them very ridable.

After some two hours at this spot, I called it a day and headed back, this time facing the road madness that happens in the cool of the late afternoon.

Back to Riad Jona via the Souks :)

Evening meals and chill, with sun bathing in the late sun......bliss.

Tomorrow is going to be my attack on Jebel Gueliz, the only mountain in Marrakech!

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