Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 8 brings Jebel Gueliz

Same prep for Mojo as previous day (very little), breakfast on the roof, quick dunk in pool, get changed and off.

Nine o'clock and another eagerly awaited ride ahead, Jebel Gueliz, a mountain right on he North West corner of Marrakech, it's quite old school in having a military installation situated on it's summit, surrounded by a huge wall.

I was beginning to feel at home on the roads now, so with compass, map and common sense, I began to traverse through Marrakech unhindered and enjoying the new sights.

As there are very few, if any at all highrise buildings i
n Marrakech, the Jebel was on the skyline permanently and growing ever closer, which was relieving as the roads were boring me.

Ready as ever.
View east over Marrakech
I reached the area and climbed up the slopes to just beneath the military installation wall on the North East side as it was easiest to ascend, this gave me views out into desert with a huge mountain backdrop. I skirted around clockwise and eventually ended up with a view of Marrakech in it's entirety whichgradually disappeared into heat haze as it topped 40degs.

The trails ahead.

There were trails spotted all over the place and I decided to start the fun, ripping it up:) this was going to be different again as the rocks were smaller, enabling me to carry more speed.

Going down.

I ended up crossing over to the top of a massive cliff face and riding the spine, it was a touch nerve racking, but hey, that's what it's all about. Check out the link below.
This is the footage going down onto trails followed by riding a close to 150m drop as possible!

I eventually descended to street level and began my trip back to Riad Jona, some 6kms away. However!
The souks were to tempting for more footage :)

Re-entering the Medina (old town) I realised that no night footage had been taken yet! So after my evening meal which was roof top over looking the main square the choice was made, night ride. Check link below for footage.

Another night in massive bed.

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