Sunday, 24 July 2011

News alert!

Hey peeps, Brad here.

Don't worry, we have loads of footage to download, so it will be hitting your screens soon :)
Band widths ect over here ain't too good :(

Anyway :) going solo now in Marrakech, which is an unbelievably mental place and simply does not stop!

Itinerary :-
  1. Relax and find peace, as this trip has been long awaited.
  2. Find some riding around/near the city in a way that only Brad can ;)
  3. Check out some of the history surrounding this mecca.
  4. Go out dancing!
I'm staying once again at Riad Jona which is unbelievably tranquil in this melee.
My suite is huge and I've even got Mr Mojo staying with me.

King sized bed :)

sweet en-suite bathroom.

After quite a late night chatting on the roof with Mohammed '1' and a couple of Australian girls (thought the sound of Oz had gone home with Jase). I still managed to get an early start, and got preped for my recce of Marrakech with online research and maps thoroughly scanned. Breakfast, kit check and go!

I hit the streets and OMfingG! the roads in Marrakech are basically a battle field where it is survival of the fittest.

Moped everywhere.

Absolutely everywhere.

The HD was set up with 45psi in tyres, forks locked out, and Propedal set up to firm, perfect for giving the manoeuvrability needed for street life, forgot to grab Jase's 'Mule' bell when he left.

After 2km, I was skirting passed the edge of the new town and buildings were thinning out. Then quite unexpectedly, barren desert type pockets popped up.

Beginning of open land Gradually becoming trail material

And then! low and behold. two straight km's of rolling dirt trail coming right down to the road that I was travelling along, win :)

See what I mean :)

On and on.......


I was all set up and ready to roll, however, I'd noticed some little holes dotted about the direct trail line, they are obviously deep wells for water and since they are about 5m's deep! I kept them in mind......

No thanks...

The next few pics are still from the GoPro footage (full footage available when back in blighty).

Seeing them now and watching the footage on my laptop gives me a tingle in the back of my neck,

Mama mia!

This link is the footage of the trail

So close : / totally amazing ride though.

Ace locaion.

I continued towards Jardin De la Palmeraie which is a huge area on the north eastern corner of Marrakech, where exclusive hotels, quad bike tracks and 1000's of palm trees dot the landscape. And that is where I will pick it back up.

Also to come is reviews on all kit used, do's and don't's and essentials for similar trips

ps. I've just had the most amazing filo wrapped sea food Moroccan dish with mint and turmeric ;)

night night, Brad

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