Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bike Packing - Polaris Pro POD

Just so you all know, The Bike Chain Edinburgh have some of these great bike boxes for hire. They were kindly donated to the cause on this occasion however :-) Thanks Mark!

Packing a bike and wondering if you are going to find any holiday destroying damage at your destination can be stressful. Not with the polaris though! It's made of sturdy stuff. The pics show it being packed with the cranks in, however I later removed them (primary reason was to change the chain ring, chain and cluster) and it closed up easier.

The Pics tell all!
1st the wheels come off and are attached to the 2 sides in recessed wheel profiles and secured with zip ties
Remove the bars and rear mech and place the frame in the box. It even fit without removing the 36ers! Had to reduce to 100mm though....

Straps then secure the frame within the box. There are another 2 at the front securing the top tube/crown and the forks

And then close it up! Ready to Fly!

Here are some more items we're taking. Clif energy bars and shot blocks. I've used and loved the shot blocks before, but it will be a new experience with the energy bars.
 Here we also have a new brand of Dermatone products designed to protect us from the sun and various beasties. They've been specifically designed for adventure/outdoor sports so we have high expectations. I'm not sure whether or not we'll suffer from insects, but the sun will certainly give us a workout.

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